This is the story of our travels...

About us

The background story

Founded in 2011, the HolidayPirates Group is one of the fastest growing international travel companies, offering the best deals on cheap flights, hotels, and packages through its multiple travel portals.

HolidayPirates has more than 150 employees from 32 different countries, operating across 11 websites in 7 different languages. We currently have a presence in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Italy Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and most recently, the USA.

Companies founded under HolidayPirates Group are: VoyagesPirates SAS in France; HolidayPirates Ltd. in London; Flynder GmbH in Germany for selected and unique flight deals; Pirate Technologies d.o.o in Serbia for new technologies and the advancement of our own product; and the recently launched TravelPirates Corp. in the US.

As a new member of the HolidayPirates Group, Pirate Technologies d.o.o was founded by the group in Belgrade in late 2015. The base was established for further investments in new technology and the advancement of our own products.